Used Purchases

Spring is just around the corner and many machines barely made it through the end of last season.  It might be time to purchase a replacement.  Not everyone has the money or even wants to spend the amount to purchase a new machine, so used equipment is the best option.  There are some things to consider when you are purchasing a used machine.



Wear and Tear



How does the machine look like as a whole?  If a person took good care of their machine, it will show in the appearance of the machine.  Some people even do touch up paint jobs when they are trying to sell their used machine.  Be sure to check for rust spots or any rotting on the machine.  Inspect the tires of the machine as well.  Without good tires, your machine will not be very productive.  Be sure the tires do not have rot or bulging.  Depending on the type of tractor, tires could be very expensive.







Moving Parts


Be sure to check all of the moving parts.  Be sure that they do not show any signs of wear or erosion.  That could mean that the machine was not maintained properly and the lubrication points were not kept up with.  Any shards or metal wearing is a strong sign of improper upkeep.



Engine Compartment



Look inside the engine compartment.   Before you start the machine up to be sure that it runs, look for obvious signs of leaking.  Look for oil or other fluids dripping from hoses or even residue in the engine compartment.  Once the engine is started, inspect that it is running properly.  Listen for knocking or ticking noises.



Check the Cab



Don’t be afraid to look inside the cab of the machine.  Look to see if it is clean.  A clean cab usually means proper maintenance.  Make sure to note the hours on the machine.  If the machine is newer, it will have indicator lights for mechanical and electrical problems.  Make sure those lights are not flashing warnings, but also be sure that they are working properly.



Maintenance Records




Any supporting documentation regarding service should always be appreciated.  Make sure you read the documents thoroughly to be sure that the proper service was done.  If recommended service is listed and not completed, inquire why it was not done.








Buying a used piece of equipment can save a lot of money.  Do not assume that every owner takes care of their machine.  Different owners run their machines a lot harder than others.  Know who you are buying the machine from when you consider your purchase as well.  Always consider the source when buying used equipment.