Tire Leak?

What To Do With A Flat Tire

tractor flat tire


Spring has finally sprung! The tractor is cleaned, lubed, gassed up and ready to go.. but wait. You notice that your tractor is leaning to one side and is a bit difficult to steer. You probably have a leaking tire. Luckily, this problem can be easily diagnosed and solved.







Find The Leak


If the leak is not obvious, you can use a 50-50 mixture of soap and water to locate it. You can either fill a spray bottle with your mixture or use a bucket and dishrag. You want to continuously spray/soak the base of the tire, around the rim, around the valve stem, and everywhere in between. More times than not, your leak will be where you see consistent bubbling and forced air.




Will A Plug Work


In some cases when the leak is not too big or too small you can use a tire plug to stop the leak. You can find an easy-to-use tire plug kit at your local tractor store, or auto parts store.




You Might Need A Tube


tube install

If your tire still leaks after you have plugged it, you may need a tube to repair a leaky tire. Tubes are cost efficient and allow you to save your current tire. If there is minor rim damage a tube can also be an effective fix. Occasionally the tire and the rim will not seal, and this can also be fixed by a tube.










Other Considerations

Corroded rim


Mechanics recommend not using sealant. Sealant causes build up on the inside of the tire which causes it to be off balance. Sealant can also be corrosive to the rim. Sometimes it is not the leaky tire, rather a corroded or damaged rim. In this case you can save the tire and purchase a new rim. If you weight your tire with calcium, that leads to heavy corrosion over a short amount of time. Rim Guard is a safe alternative. It is a biodegradable, nontoxic, noncorrosive weight additive.