Tilling Time

It is almost time to start tilling up the land and new equipment and technology has made tilling easier and more efficient.  Whether you are tilling 10 acres or 100 acres, when purchasing a tiller, multiple points must be considered.



Reverse Tiller Action




Reverse tilling action means that the motion moves in the same directions that the tires rotate when moving forward.  This allows for less resistance when tilling and also more efficiency because a reverse tiller cuts down on the number of passes to satisfy the land.  Previous motion of tiller required multiple passes with incremental depths.  A reverse tiller action tiller can cut deeper on the first pass and save time and money.







Type of Tractor



The horsepower that the tractor outputs will determine the type of tiller that is able to be attached.  Different implements require minimums for horsepower in order to properly power the drive shaft with the tiller.  Consult your local dealer with the specifications of your tractor and ask for a recommended tiller that will suit your machine.






How Big is Too Big?



Kubota with tiller

Tiller sizes are dependent on a number of factors.  The tractor must have the required horsepower to power the tiller.  Also, the PTO and the three-point hitch must align for the tiller as well.  After those two requirements are fill, the width of the tiller must be determined.  A tiller that is too wide might cause too much resistance when tilling.  A tiller that is too narrow will waste time due to overlapping of passes.  The general rule for the width of a tiller is that the tiller should only be a few more inches wider than the width of the rear tires.






If you are considering purchasing a tiller there are many sources of information on the internet, but going into your local dealer will provide the best benefit.  Be sure to describe the purpose of the tiller and the type of land you will be tilling.  Do not forget to include the make and model of your machine so that a salesman can determine the horsepower available for the tiller and formulate the correct tiller your needs.