Steps For A Great Spring Lawn

aerate soil

Aerate The Soil


Aerators are used to poke holes in the ground to allow air and water and other nutrients to reach the roots. For best results consider an aerator that removes plugs of soil and grass.








Mow The Old Grass Lowmowing grass


Mowing low lets more sun reach and warm the soil. Warmer sun results in greener, healthier grass. It is possible to cut your grass too low. Cutting below the green leaf blades and into the brown stems is called scalping, which weakens the grass and leaves it vulnerable to insects and weeds.














Fertilize The Lawnfertilizer


Fertilizers come in many shapes and sizes. When choosing a fertilizer here are a few things to consider: buy in bulk – fertilizers are used frequently at different times of the year, in large amounts. Choose a pet-friendly fertilizer as a precaution for yours and your neighbor’s pets. You also want to make sure your fertilizer has the following ingredients: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.