Preparing Your Machine For Spring

Zero TurnYour machine has probably been sitting during the winter months and with spring right around the corner, you need to check prepare your machine for mowing season.  The last thing you want to do is see your lawn overgrown because you were not ready.  Preparing your mower for spring can be done with 6 simple steps.  Some machines might take more preparation, so refer to your user’s manual for further steps.








Step 1



Clean under your mower deck


Mower Deck Scraper

You should have cleaned your mower deck before storing it for winter, but if you have not, doing this before spring is important.  Be sure that your machine is turned off and cannot start before you start this process.  When cleaning all of the debris and clippings from under your machine, be sure not to use any hard or sharp metal because this can cause chipping and scraping of the protective paint which can encourage rust to develop.



Step 2



Oil Level



Most every mower and machine requires oil changes.  Check the levels of your machine and top off if necessary.  If it has been an extended time since your last oil change, it is recommended to completely change your oil.  Refer to your user’s manual for the proper steps for changing your oil or make an appointment to have your machine serviced.



Step 3



Check Your Spark Plugs



Spark plugs are what initiate the burning of the fuel in your machine.  If you notice any rust developing around the spark plugs, they need to be changed.  Even if there is no visible rust, it is recommended to remove and clean the spark plugs on a regular basis.  This will keep your machine running correctly.  Also, be sure that the spark plugs are refitted correctly to ensure a proper connection.



Step 4



Sharpen the Blades



Sharp Mower Blades



Sharp blades prevent the burned grass look when you are mowing.  If you have the skill and ability to sharpen your blades, remove them from the mower deck and sharpen them with a metal file or a recommended grinder.  Don’t forget to check them for balancing.  If you do not have a method for proper sharpening or balancing, make an appointment to have this done.







Step 5






Make a visual inspection of the quality of the belts on your machine.  Look for signs of dry rot, cracking or tears.  If the belt has any of these conditions, replace the belt before running the machine.



Step 6



Blade Height



After completing the first 5 steps of essential preparation for spring, check the height of your blades.  Be sure that the blades are not too low since this can lead to weakening of the grass or even tear the grass.  Check your user’s manual for the height adjustment functions and try to keep the height around 1 inch depending on your lawn and grass preferences.




If you wish to have service done to your machine instead of working on it yourself, make an appointment sooner rather than later.  Do not hesitate to make get your machine serviced before spring.  Be prepared for spring by scheduling service or buying your parts ahead of time.



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