Can’t Start Your Machine?

Usually, before you put your machine away for the winter, you should put a fuel stabilizer in the fuel take with your last tank of gas.  If you did not, then you might have some trouble when it comes time to start your machine.  There are a few things you need to do to get your machine starting.



Normal Starting Procedure



Go through the typical starting sequence.  If the machine starts, that is great.  Let it run and burn that gas.  The chances are that the gas in your tank sat all winter, but before that, the gas sat in a gas can for a few months in your garage.  Getting that gas replaced with new gas will help keep your carburetor operating properly.



Dry Carburetor



On the chance that your machine does not start, it is most likely because all of the fuel has drained out of the carburetor.  You will need to remove the air cleaner and spray a shot of ether or carburetor cleaner right into the mouth of the carburetor.  Try this a couple of times to get the fuel going.  Once the machine starts, keep it running for a while.



Schedule Service


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The odds are that you will not have any trouble starting your machine.  As long has you have been using your machine enough all summer and fall, the gas should not be that old in the tank.  If it is too old and the methods discussed do not get your machine running or if your machine runs rough, you should make an appointment to have your machine serviced.  It might be something more serious and you do not want to be without your machine at the beginning of the season.  Ensuring that you will have a properly running machine before the season starts will keep you from falling behind.