Buying A New Machine

Find Your Dealership


20141216_085601Finding your local machine dealer is the first step.  The internet is a great starting place to locate the dealerships in your area.  There is a lot of information out there, but you cannot learn about a machine from the internet.  Stop into your local dealership and talk with a salesman.  Also, inquire from people you know that have done business with the dealership.  Look for a full stock of inventory.  Dealerships with small amounts of inventory generally do not have the ability to make the sale you desire and be sure the dealership sells parts that you may potentially need and be sure they offer certified service technicians that will work on your machine.  Lastly, check the hours of operation of the dealership.  This will come in handy when you have to pick up that oil filter or that replacement belt.




Find Your Machine




Now that you have found a dealership, it is time to find your machine.  A good salesman will find out your needs, so you should be prepared.  Determine what your needs are for a machine.  Know how much land you will be maintaining with your machine.  A lawn tractor is different from a zero turn mower when it comes time to cut the grass on 5 acres of land.  And lastly, know what you need to do with your machine.  Consider if you will use your machine for plowing snow in the winter as well as maintaining the property in the spring and summer.  This will make it much easier to find the right machine for you.  When buying your machine, be sure to know the difference between a “want” and a “need”.  You may not need a front end loader, but you want one enough that the price is worth it.  Ask the salesman for a demonstration on the machine.   Be sure you can operate it.  Not everyone prefers a zero turn.  Some people need a steering wheel.






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Trust Your Salesman


Make sure you are clear when you talk with your salesman.  Industry specific salesmen are typically very well trained on multiple categories.  People who sell tractors or mowers have done a lot of reading on the machines and probably operate complicated machinery on a daily basis, so trusting your salesmen is key.







What To Do With Your Old Machine?


Once you have zeroed in on your machine, think about a trade in.  Find out if the dealership works with trade in machines.  It may help with the down payment on your new machine.  Keep in mind that many dealerships will have special financing, so do not forget to ask.  Consider a consignment option if the dealership has that option.  You can set the price and only have to deal with a small fee once the machine is sold.  These are good options to replace your old machine because not many people have the excess space to store an extra machine that will not get much use.






Sign The Papers


Finally, it’s time to purchase.  Machines are set-up according to customer specific needs.  Not all machines have turf tires or a front end loader.  This is why knowing what your needs and wants are for the machine is so important.  Adding an extra feature last minute could cost more and delay your machine.    Last, but not least, check into the warranty and insurance.  Some manufacturers have extended warranties and offer machine specific insurance.  This helps to keep a claim off of your home owner’s insurance.  That can be costly.  After you’ve got your machine, enjoy!  Keep your machine maintained and be safe!